Terry in New York
Hi Everyone....    I was raised in New York City from the age of 7 to 18 and moved back to Canada at the age of 18 because I am actually a Canadian citizen.    Still, I consider New York my home and return here whenever I can..    My last visits since 2010 have been split between midtown and Battery Park City...  a new, modern development expanded after 9/11  and quite beautiful...  Very much a summer spot with Hudson River  bike and joggging and walking paths,  many restaurants, and mini-parks...     Battery Park City edges on the 9/11 Memorial and the new Oculus Mall and One World Trade Center..    It is also a part of the downtown financial community and all the  history of early Manhattan...   a fascinating discovery for tourists ...       Battery Park City is so relaxing and upscale and comfortable at the same time that one retired resident is quoted as saying "If it only had a beach I wouldn't have to go anywhere else for the rest of my life"...      Hope you enjoy the many photos I'm posting here of the area including my two favorite hotels down here;    The Hilton Millenium Downtown, and the Conrad Hotel Downtown     I also have a start of some of the history of Manhattan.     Once covid lets up I'll be returning and carrying on with my photo tour of this wonderful part of Manhattan    Thanks for visiting and enjoy your day Terry