Publish Date: August 23, 2020


In January, 2007 I met the man of my dreams;  a Greek/Italian male living in Corfu, Greece who was a ship's Captain..  We met online and chatted for a week or two, allowing me to fall madly in love with him without even seeing him.    Then I saw his photo and he was more than I could ever have imagined... romantic and handsome all at the same time.

He visited me in Toronto for two weeks at Valentine's and in turn went to visit him for two months in Corfu, Greece in April and May, 2007..

Unfortunately due to the long distance nature of the relationship it didn't last, but it left me with beautiful memories that are captured here in photos and in a diary of our trip on the Adriatic ...

I shall always be grateful for this memory and for knowing that forever how short the period of time I was blessed to have had the love of my life in my presence...      It has ben 13 years and we haven't seen each other or communicated that much but he has never been replaced in my heart.

His name and his picture remain private at his request...


The photos of the trip and subesequent trips I made to Athens after our breakup are in the photo section of this page.

The diary of our trip on the Adriatic is in three parts in the Blog section of this page.

I hope you enjoy.