Publish Date: August 23, 2020


In March, 2005 a friend of mine and I decided to take a month long self defined tour of the western United States of Arizona, Utah, Nevada and California...

It was a whimsical decision.. we had never traveled together before and were just occasional friends, but for some reason we thought we could make a go of it..

The photos in this page are my memories of the trip...  overall it went well and we had a good time.... we even came back friends, although we definitely needed a break from one another after we returned home....  took a couple of weeks to recoup..   LOL


We flew from Toronto, Canada to Las Vegas, Nevada and immediately upon arrival we rented a vehicle and headed to California, although to see the photos of that State leg of the journey you will have to go to  California Memories   (Under development at moment)


Having left California we headed to Scottsdale because that was a favourite city of Rob's...   he had many good memories of visits there with this wife and family over the years and wanted to show me the city..    I enjoyed Scottsdale and the trips to the desert.  The only problem is I always imagined the desert to be sand... it isn't... it's rocks...   how very unwelcoming...    Scottsdale and Desert


I enjoyed seeing this 'city' carved into the rocks...  my main purpose in taking this trip was to see sites larger than life... or at least sites that I thought were larger than life.   Oddly enough this site to me was a 'larger than life' site... and one I thoroughly enjoyed.     See  Montezuma Castle


   I never in a million years thought this would be a big nothing.. but for some reason for me it was exactly that..   A big canyon...  Big Deal..  


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