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I used to be a boater.... every weekend... on a lovely 32ft liveaboard express cruiser with my partner at the time. 
I was never much of a drinker after I turned 30 

The world of boating is as much about drinking as it is about boating... 
In our marina every Friday night before the boating weekend was party night... getting drunk, having fun, etc. 
I tried it but couldn't do it so on the Friday nights I would just sit in the boat and watch TV while everyone else was partying. 

Then one Friday the wives asked where I was and my partner said that I was sitting out the partying because I didn't like to drink... in fact couldn't really feel comfortable drinking. 

Lo and Behold pretty soon all the wives were joining me for coffee and conversation.. no drinking... Within two more weekends 50% of the drinking men and their wives were partying with me over sodas and coffee. 

Moral... not everyone who parties... likes to party ... they just think there is no other way to go until someone has the guts to show them something else. 

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