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It's been said all before but worth mentioning again; Pain is a reminder of life, of love, of want, of hope, of care, of the world around us. It is with pain that we find the deepest of our emotions, and the depth of our souls. Whether the pain is physical or emotional or mental, it reminds us that we are alive, that we feel, that we love and that we care. For without these things there is no pain, there are only events; there is no life, there is only existence. 

That cut on the finger hurts, but we take the time to tend to it, to nurse it, to watch over it until it heals. That reminds us of how much we care about ourselves and about those around us. It is a reminder in a day of carefree joy, that the silly thing we did, without care, was dangerous and led us to an injury. It was thoughtless and it scared our loved ones. It was hurtful of others because it was disrespectful of ourselves. It brings us to task, pulls us up tight, draws in our energies, and gives us back our control over our actions; a reminder that the loss of control can lead to danger. If we are wise and listen to the little painful injuries along the way we avoid the major life-threatening injuries later. If we ignore the little injuries we run the risk of losing the things we care the most about because of our careless actions. 

So it is with emotional injuries. We do stupid things to each other, say stupid things, and innocently hurt one another. This happens no matter how much we are in love. But, if we remember to stop and take stock of what we've done then we avoid the major hurts that bring lifelong pain. That silly moment where we thought it was more important to be true to ourselves than to our loved ones; to get that job done for the boss and to heck with being there for the special event in our partner's life, and so many other unthinking things that can occur in the everyday mix of life. Even when this is done with the best of intent we often forget that our partner will hurt for it and so will our relationship, regardless of what our partner says. 

This is a hurt, a pain, that must be cared for, nursed, until it is no longer a damaging event, but instead, healed over, forgotten and forgiven. We must be sufficiently aware of each other's emotions to know when the state of healing, forgiving and forgetting has actually occurred. And when that state is reached, we are grateful that we took the time to attend to the pain; we are thankful that the pain was there to warn us.. to help us find a path to health once again. 


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