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First thought: 
After spending a night with you I awaken loving not only myself and you but the entire world... Thankyou 

Second Thought: 
My Belief System: 
God's Love is a given.. it is not something we earn, it is not something we ever lose.. it is something we are born with and it is always with us.. 
The Rules handed down by Christianity are rules of relationship... they are the basic stuff from which the ability to trust is created and there can be no solid relationship without trust. If we break God's rules we don't lose His love, we lose our trust in ourselves and in our ability to believe in God.. we also lose our trust in others... hence we destroy our relationships or at least damage them. A similar thing happens in human interactive relationships.. if we break the rules of our relationship we lose each others trust...but one never stops loving the other...even if sometimes that is briefly turned to hate it is only the flip side of love and it rarely ever lasts as hate. What lasts and what is almost impossible to repair is broken trust. 

Third thought: 

I think that we can stop looking for God to walk up to us and put His arms around us and say he loves us...that we are all right. He already has... a thousand times over. He did that the day we were born, even with all our human frailties and our orientation, He does that with every new day He gives us to live; He does that with every situation He asks us to handle; and He does that with every person He brings into our lives. 
I truly believe that what we really are searching for in our lives is someone to whom we can say "I love you..I truly do"... and feel the freedom to express that, and that that person will be someone who truly loves us back. We have that with our parents as do we all, but now we need to find that with someone with whom we can share our futures. 

Fourth thought: 

The basis of partnership whether it be marriage or business is that both partners establish a relationship of trust, love and commitment towards a common goal. 
In the usual marriage that may be nothing more than support for one another and to raise a family together. 
In many usual marriages as well as in our orientation of marriage, that could be nothing more than support for each other or it could also be as noble as a common cause for the good of mankind of some sort...outside of ourselves. 
For example it is possible for you to find a partner who believes in what you are trying to accomplish with your life and wants to support you through the trials and tribulations of reaching your goals...of helping you take flight, and of course, vice versa. 

Fifth thought: 

There does not need to be trust in a relationship between a father and son or a mother and son...there only needs to be love...because the child and the parent are not expected to spend their lives living together and supporting one another emotionally and sexually. Trust between parents and children is a blessing but not a need. 
In a relationship between two people who have formed a bond of partnership on an equal footing the trust must be there or the relationship will never develop as deeply as it could.
This is why, once I decide to make a commitment to someone it is total commitment.....it is not a guarantee that God will let us be together for life, but it is a guarantee that as long as God will let us be together I can be trusted to honor our commitments to each other. That's just what I am all about and some people may be right that that is unusual in our lifestyle. However... unusual or not...that is just the way it is.. 

Final Thought: 
Without love, commitment and trust a human relationship can never reach its full potential. The fact that the gay lifestyle may be lacking one or all three of these things in a relationship does not mean that that is the way it should be. Indeed if you look at probably a majority of heterosexual marriages it is not there either... if your parents found it, then for that you are fortunate...you have a model to carry you into your own life and lifestyle... don't lose it... it is worthwhile, it can happen, and if you stick to wanting it, it will happen. 

And remember, God Already Loves you.... now it is up to you to find a way to carry out your mission in life within the confines of life.... 

Enough thoughts for the day...thank you for letting me share them 


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